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Sarah E. Simon, MA, MEd, CLC


Sarah (she/they) is a certified life coach who focuses on authentic connections in all areas of life. Sarah also holds reflection and growth spaces as an educator, consultant, and tarot reader


Sarah received their M.A. in Gender and Women’s History from Sarah Lawrence College where she pioneered research that explores how white supremacy covertly manifests in Y2K media  - specifically in “girl power” culture. She also holds an MEd from Widener University. Presently, Sarah is earning a PhD in Human Sexuality from Widener University, where her research explores the relationship between femme identity and folklore. Sarah is certified in embodied conflict transformation and somatic parts work through the Embody Lab and loves to integrate that into their coaching practice.

Sarah developed her education expertise while spending formative years as a classroom teacher. In that time, she curated project-based curricula grounded in a social justice framework. Now, Sarah uses education-based practices to develop and facilitate workshops and to create digital content that invites others to reimagine oppressive ideologies around race, gender, class, sexuality, body politics, and communication styles.


Sarah is praised as a seasoned, dynamic facilitator who, in her six+ years of education-based work, consistently takes an engaging and invigorating approach when working with a diverse array of students and professionals. Their energetic workshops are informative, humorous, and participant-driven while supporting learning objectives that grow clients’ knowledge and offer practical and applied skills. 


Sarah does this work because building relationships and being in community with others is not only their favorite thing to do, it is also the best way they know how to put their values into action. In "Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic As Power," Audre Lorde critiques the systems of oppression that rely on us being separate from one another, and the consequent stripping of authentic power. This is at the very heart of what this work means to Sarah. Anything that pushes people to learn more and do better in order to help them step into their power, and to live in community with one another, is not only of dire importance - it is also radical. 

Sarah is white, thin, lower middle-class, queer, neurodivergent, polyintimate, highly (traditionally) formally educated, and a femme. Sarah is of Jewish and Italian-American descent and practices Italian folk magic and healing. Sarah lives in Los Angeles with her partners and, most notably, Butter, the dog.

Politicized Authenticity + Relationship Coaching

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