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Values + Financial Transparency

I feel conflicted about asking for money in exchange for healing services, like tarot and coaching. I also believe education has the potential to be a transformative space and I feel discomfort around accepting money for that, as well. This is, partially, because I believe that access to what we need - especially pathways to healing  - is a right that should not be gate kept by money. This is also because, as a white person, accepting money in exchange for coaching, educating, and healing (all fields which have stolen from and contributed to the systemic oppression of BIPOC under settler colonialism) is particularly ick, especially when done without carving out a very purposeful way of operating.


I think deeply and often about what it looks like for me to apply anti-colonial, anti-racist, and liberationist values, along with my own personal values, to this work. I sit with what it means to be a white healer, coach, and educator. My framework, and the way I go about doing this work, is the output of that continued reflection. I intend for this website to articulate my point of entry and my approach. But, in addition, you can find some commitments I've made (below) that I hope will challenge the way white supremacy and colonization show up in my practices. These commitments are, of course, in addition to the values and ideas I actually utilize and speak to  in my coaching, healing, and educational practices.

Similarly, I recognize that the services I provide truly are honed, developed skills and in order to offer them, I have to be able to sustain myself financially. I selected these prices based on the value of my time and skills, while still sitting on the lowest end of standard market rate. The prices also reflect the time spent preparing for, conducting, and following up on the selected service.  To make these services as accessible as possible, all prices are flexible, with priority given to BIPOC, queer and trans people, fat people, and femmes - some of the populations most impacted by capitalism.

If there are particular growth edges you notice or ways you think I can live in deeper alignment with my values, I am open to hearing your thoughts via the contact me form!

Commitments I Make to Disrupt White Supremacist and Colonial Norms in My Professional Practice:

  • I ask for consent to borrow, and/or cite and credit originators of thoughts, resources, and ideas 

  • I routinely redistribute earnings to BIPOC and Trans-led organizations (roughly 10 of annual earnings) in addition to responding to calls for mutual aid on a monthly basis (this is true for my personal and professional funds). Part of that redistribution also goes to the Kizh nation, whose unceded land I  practice from. 

  • I use my digital platform to challenge dominant narratives and uplift marginalized voices 

  • I provide free educational resources and offer free services at local, subversive community events

  • I offer two free spots per workshop series specifically for BIPOC 

  • All service prices are negotiable in order to prioritize accessibility 

  • I am explicit about the folk magic framework from which I operate and exclusively utilize ritual and tradition based in my own ethnic and cultural lineages (western and white queer femme, Italian-American, and culturally Jewish)

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