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Sarah E. Simon, PhD

Educator | Sexologist | Author | Tarot Reader

An ethereal picture of Sarah in a garden-like setting. Sarah's face is sort of translucent and there is a big burst of orange sunlight cutting across the left side of the picture. Sarah's blonde streak is prominent in addition to some simple make up.

Radical  Communication + Relationship

communicating in alignment with your values + with care is one of the most revolutionary ways we can connect to each other and ourselves. i'm here to help make that happen! 

hey, hi, hello!

Sarah is a formally trained sexologist, educator, author, and a certified coach. Sarah's unique, targeted background allows them to provide compelling + trauma-informed educational opportunities, and intuitive tarot readings that are rooted in an anti-colonial, abolitionist framework. The tangible skills and compassionate processing space that Sarah holds centralizes collaborative, care-oriented communication as the heart of successful relationships!

What Can We Do Together?

Sarah creates dynamic, multi-modal educational, community-oriented courses workshops. These are offered asynchronously or in 1:1, synchronous settings!

Sarah is a seasoned  coach who can work with clients in 1:1 sessions. Sarah's warm disposition, deep subject matter expertise, and spirited approach to sessions makes Sarah a sought after coach. 

Sarah can bring your work to the next level by using strategic, cutting-edge practices based in learning theory. Think: leadership strategy, developing curricula, graduate school applications, sensitivity reading, and more. 

Sarah is a skilled and intentional tarot reader. She takes tarot-specific clients or can infuse spiritual reflection into other work you are doing together!

Liberation + Abolition

My Approach

Community Care

Decolonial and anti-colonial praxis

Queer Feminisims

Relationship Building 


Emergent Strategy

Intuitive Somatics

What is Radical Communication Coaching?

Radical communication coaching is an opportunity to build effective, collaborative, compassionate, and care-oriented communication. This approach to communication offers a pathway to live authentically while maintaining, and even strengthening, your relationships, life, and the values that matter most to you. Throughout the coaching process, we'll collaboratively extract goals, identify roadblocks, and develop strategies to support your personal growth and forward motion. It is simultaneously a soft place to land, and a tool that helps guide you through the challenges and discomfort that come with significant personal growth.   

I describe this work as “radical” because of the values I use to shape the sessions and practices we engage in during our time together. Effective communication is often what stops us from getting our needs met and showing up in the ways we want to. To be able to communicate with care and compassion in a collective way is to live in abundance and in this world, that is a radical idea. During our time together, I will invite us to examine where we sit socially, what social scripts we've been taught, and the behaviors and patterns we've internalized that uphold systemic harm. Values mapping is the core of this work and that makes it radical.

I do this work because building relationships and being in community with others is not only my favorite thing to do, it is also the best way I know how to put my values into action. In "Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic As Power," Audre Lorde critiques the systems of oppression that rely on us being separate from one another, and the consequent stripping of authentic power. This is at the very heart of what this work means to me. Anything that pushes people to learn more and do better in order to help them step into their power, and to live in community with one another, is not only of dire importance - it is also radical. 

Areas of Expertise

Gender and Sexuality Education
+ Processing

Values Integration +

 Polyamory, Polyintimacy,  +

Communication, Leadership,

+ Accountability

Embodied Somatic Healing + Conflict Transformation

Intimacy, Relationship and Dating Coaching


Sarah is a formally certified coach. This means Sarah is trained in the most thorough and cutting-edge coaching practices and is held to ICF accredited standards and ethical practices.

Sarah is uniquely trained in all her areas of specialty...and soon they will have a PhD in human sexuality! 

Sarah has personal, lived experience in all of her areas of expertise, which means she can meet you with compassion and understanding.

Sarah is a skilled educator of 6+ years who takes a multi-modal approach to coaching and teaching. Sarah customizes teaching and coaching strategies to meet your needs and take your personal growth to the next level!

Sarah approaches coaching with a trauma-informed, liberationist educational framework, meaning, they can help you make grounded change in your life while utilizing a set of values that is responsive to each client's unique worldview.

What Makes Sarah
Stand Out

Is Communication Coaching Right For Me?

We're all pretty intuitive - if you're interested in coaching and feel you would benefit from it, then you're probably right! But, the best way to tell if coaching is truly the best move for you (and if I'm the right coach for the job) is to book a free discovery call! In the meantime, here are just a few ways I work with clients for you to consider:

Things feel off. You're feeling like things in your life just aren't quite right and you're interested in getting to know yourself better and find authentic engagement in your job, relationships, and community. You want to live in alignment with your values and reach your greatest potential.

Your current relationship to your gender or sexual identity is in flux and you're unsure of how to proceed, how to articulate your feelings, how to take action towards a more affirming way of existing, and how to communicate that to your loved ones.

You are looking to show up in alignment with your values during conflict. You'd like to cultivate a safe environment for your and your partner so conflict feels generative and collaborative.

You've recently come out, or are looking to reintegrate into the queer dating scene after a while. Maybe you have specific and personal questions about sex and intimacy that Google simply cannot help with....but I can! If you want to find confidence while moving through new intimate terrain, I've got you covered!  

You want to explore your spiritual connection but want to stay in your lane and act in alignment with your anti-colonial values. You want to identify healing practices rooted in your own lineage and use them to provide healing opportunities for yourself and others.

You're intrigued by the world of polyamory, polyintimacy, or non monogamy OR you're already involved in it! You want to get the skills you need to be as successful as possible!

What we can do together

Educational + Community Building Workshops

Every few months, Sarah offers a different workshop via in person and digital formats. They offer space for learning, processing, and community building.

Some topics that have been covered in these workshops include: femme community building, ancestral work + folk magic, queer + trans sexuality education, and trauma-informed polyintimacy. 

The Gossip...

Disco Ball

"I've worked with Sarah in a few capacities and all of my experiences with her have been incredible. I am so grateful to Sarah for offering these services and wholeheartedly recommend working with her if you want to improve your relationship to the world around you, and your relationship with yourself."
-Meryl, Coaching and Tarot Client

Image by Matthew LeJune

"Sarah's humor, insight, and compassion are just a few of the reasons she is such an incredible coach and educator. Sarah is a revolutionary thinker and facilitator and I cannot recommend her enough!"

-Taylor, Coaching Client 

Disco Balls

"Sarah creates such an inviting and open space for reflection and conversation... Sarah’s compassion and warmth is the icing on the cake, making way for the softening of hard truths, the encouragement of honest reflection, and the cultivation of hope as you navigate your reading. If you’re thinking about booking with Sarah, do yourself a favor and do it- I guarantee you’ll get something worthwhile out of it."
-Sammy,  Tarot Client

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